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Urban Stitch Boutique is a fashion galleria, featuring a collection of great designers and specialty brands. As a fashion collective, we are determined to build lifestyle environments that appeal emotionally, and offer fashion forward options for multiple aspects of your personal style.

As a show space, we offer select opportunities to connect with our brand through social elements including: fashion showcases, industry courses, exclusive membership access and private event rental.  


Runway Style House, where stylish life happens...... 

Saigon Laundry

Saigon Laundry: By Fashion4Freedom

Fashion4Freedom  is a socially minded design house created to honor the traditions of handmade goods. They design processes to allow socially and economically sustainable business thrive through an ethical supply chain, yet never accepting a creation that does not fit our fundamental values of redefining the consumer and producer of luxury. Fashion4Freedom is an independent fashion house founded on the basis of Fair Trade, Ethical Production, Community Development, and Social Justice for those exploited for their labor, youth, and bonded by their poverty. With our communities of craftsmen, artisans, designers, and ethical manufacturing partners we seek to change current garment production practices. We believe that one good turn deserves many. Every purchase you make contributes to the humanitarian efforts we inherited as part of our mission.