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Urban Stitch Boutique is a fashion galleria, featuring a collection of great designers and specialty brands. As a fashion collective, we are determined to build lifestyle environments that appeal emotionally, and offer fashion forward options for multiple aspects of your personal style.

As a show space, we offer select opportunities to connect with our brand through social elements including: fashion showcases, industry courses, exclusive membership access and private event rental.  


Runway Style House, where stylish life happens...... 

Elizabeth in Pearl

Elizabeth In Pearls is a jewelry and styling business that offers women something unique. As Designer, Stylist and Owner of Elizabeth In Pearls, I create pieces that can be worn anywhere, by anyone who is ready to express herself. I show clients how to mix Elizabeth In Pearls pieces with things already in their wardrobe, in order to create their own look, whether it be quirky, classic, eclectic, or modern. I like to think outside of the box when creating the Elizabeth In Pearls jewelry, and use a variety of materials to make a statement.

The name is dear to my heart, as Elizabeth In Pearls is named after my 2 grandmothers - Elizabeth and Pearl. The beauty, strength and grace of these beautiful black women who I am honored to have called Grandmommy and Ma Pearl will always be remembered and treasured.

What's important to know is that Elizabeth In Pearls isn't just about unique jewelry and looking good. It is much deeper. It's a dream and a reality. It's about finding beauty and happiness in the little things and in yourself, to manifest something that always could be.